Why would men choose pretty women?

Why would men choose pretty women?

General rules of thumbs is that men almost always choose pretty women. This does not mean that men always choose beautiful women versus pretty women. A pretty woman simply means the women that prefers to keep consciousness about her health and beauty. Regardless of color and skin tone, men fall for a pretty women who keeps herself pretty either with her preferred makeup masks or her general tendency of healthy and behavioral personality.

This might sounding a complex adaptation but overtime it gets to fit with the personality a woman tries to perceive in mirror. A mirror is a man that looks at her through her own eyes and modifies her own personality according to her own likings. This is natural, healthy and creative that converts a woman into a pretty woman.

Men may not prefer lipstick personality but when the lipstick gets some creative touch and some thoughtful saturation on it, men just fall for it because that gets prettier on a healthy face of a woman.

Therefore, one should not just jump into confronting oneself for the transformation of a beauty pageant contestant to pull enough attention of a preferred man. He who moves around you or passes by is unlikely to go you unnoticed by. Then your captive smile is all that will powerfully spoil manhood and arouse a little animal in him that you are tending to accomplish all around you pass by.

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