No regret at all having a small penis

No regret at all having a small penis

Many of you want to extend your penis by inches because either you think that increasing the size of your penis would shift the pride of being a real Man to the next level or it would diminish the feeling of being ashamed of having smaller penis.

One thing you understand clearly that there’s nothing wrong to have a small penis, because the size of your penis really does not affect your self esteem and therefore should not dwindle your self confidence.

Relationships can be complicated enough, but rarely due to small penis form factor. When you consider your penis smaller, do not just think about the size, think about what it can achieve. It’s quite natural that you may want your penis grow larger that what you have now but even man achieves his penis size and that differs from the other one. And when you are with your partner, she won’t favor the size of the penis you have save for building a willingness or likelihood of you to have her help orgasm. And just because of size factor, a large penis will never help have orgasm sooner than the smaller penis does.

Have some confidence in you. Make sure that your relationship just doesn’t start with the form factor of the size of the penis or the guilt of having smaller sized penis. It’s one of the million factors that help strengthen sex loot in your and your partner’s life.

Anatomy of Penis

Form factors of penis and their intense involvement: the good and the bad

Many researches have proved that penis size does not matter at all. What matters most is the girth and the simple techniques used effectively during intercourses. One of the most established fact is that the shorter the penis is the harder it gets while erected or the thinner and smaller the penis stays, the larger and stronger it becomes when erected.

This is quite opposite to the fact that a larger penis when stays longer without erection, fundamentally fails to compete to the shorter but wider penis, or thinner but extendable natured penis sizes during erections. The longer the penis is the heavier it is in weight due to involved muscle mass. The muscle mass will not have equal amount of blood flow to keep it harder and stronger during erection. Thus, a larger penis usually have a tendency to fall-back hence bother your partner to keep in track at all times. Secondly, the larger the penis is the difficult to keep it straight while in action with rapid movements. During rapid movements, the larger penis tends to bend and lose control of its strength suggesting research that it weakens and begins to bend quite often than normal, shorter or skinny but longer kind of penis. This suggests that either you will prefer to have shorter but wider penis or skinny but stronger and extendable one. The both of these kinds are more fulfilling ones than the larger and heavier ones. Some of the researches have awkwardly proved that the larger and heavier penis kinds are kind of curse to an active sex life. They are more intimidating in the movies or fictions.

Reverse Psychology: smaller penis is more satisfying

The shorter penis are quite blessed in nature, in fact, that they are straightforwardly capable of stimulating the core G-spot of the partner by initiating orgasm sooner and quite fulfillingly than the struggling larger penis that bend, dwindle and lose moment to stay straight and strong in keep penetrating and still stimulating the clitoris. As the shorter but wider girth rubs against the clitoris, in turn that directly activates women’s G-spot to facilitate orgasm. This happens quite naturally with shorter penis by bestowing immense level of satisfaction during extremely pleasurable courses of sex.

Women die to have a help to stimulate her orgasm overtime she prefers sex. Therefore you should not be ashamed of having shorter penis but be proud of instead since you have such a greater opportunity to unlock all the potentials of pleasurable life. You are the Man single women are desperately looking for to have a greater sexual relationship with. So go ahead and use your commonsense, little bit of confidence, little bit of characters and a heck deal of fore-player’s sportsmanships along. That will be enough to have a near to perfect sexual relationship you are trying to develop. Thus I can conclude stating that women may enjoy large penis for several reasons but they do enjoy shorter ones immensely.


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  1. Sensational I should say. Many guys I know worry the same. It’s kinda psycho thing. Not real. Guys having short ones r even greater many times.

  2. Enjoyed quite much reading all the way to the end. Can’t agree better. This is an embarrassing part to many guys out there. I hope they read it.

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