Are you concerned about HIV AIDS

Are you concerned about HIV AIDS?

AIDS is a disease in which there is a severe loss of the body’s cellular immunity, greatly lowering the resistance to infection and malignancy hence weakening the body and eventually ending up to death within a ten years of time from the time the disease became active in the body as infection.

Ground Trembling Reality of HIV/AIDS.

Never underestimate the contamination of AIDS that spreads rapidly along each and every sexual contact, mainly via sexual intercourses challenging greatly to human endeavors of its prevention.

It is important to understand that HIV causes AIDS which then begins to interfere with the body’s ability to fight infections. In other words, AIDS begins to destroy immune system of a host body hence the person can not withstand any minor to major infection, bacterial or virus attacks or any sort of sicknesses in terms of recovery. There is no recovery of any sort of diseases at all when a person suffers from HIV/AIDS. Hence, everybody should take AIDS in a serious way. This is a life threatening disease and it does not have any effective cure available to this date.

HIV/AIDS is continuously spreading in the US.

Thus far, the studies shows that about 200,000 people are diagnosed AIDS infected individuals in the US. HIV AIDSThe cases are severe in other countries. Imagine if you are a sex worker and do not care about AIDS and are free to have sexual intercourses with many individuals a month, you are infecting that many individuals should you be diagnosed as AIDS infected person. This is not quite human. You might be transmitting the disease to many people in your contact ignorantly. Which is still not human because as a sex worker, it’s your first priority to keep yourself safe. The other side of the coin is – you may not be infected but your carefree sexual behavior is inviting AIDS voluntarily in your body and then becoming host and transmitting to numerous people afterwards.

Having occasional or accidental sex beyond social responsibility?

Whether you prefer sex rarely outside your social relation or you happened to have it quite accidentally, the preventive approach is very important. You never know whether a person is suffering from HIV/AIDS by just looking at in the face or behavior. HIV can stay silent and may grow into AIDS gradually taking some time. You won’t just jump into sexual intercourses whenever or wherever you got the chances to sooth your urge! It’s may turn into a lethal pleasure you are pursuing to have in the exchange of your own life and the life of those that depend on you.

What can I do to prevent from spreading or getting affected by HIV/AIDS?

The main course of AIDS transmission is simply via blood contact. You would not accept blood prior to AIDS culture attempted. You would not have sudden or accidental sex with a free will penetration during sexual intercourses with anyone outside your social boundary. You will prefer to have a safe sex to a sex partner other than your faithful wife or husband. You will prefer the use of physical contraceptives not the pills or other kinds of solutions that do not create a barrier between blood exposed skins. Sexual organs are quite volatile to easily blood exposure. Direct penetration are likely to have a direct and solid blood contact and greater links to HIV transmission. Viruses are microscopic hence AIDS virus just needs a minor blood link to passthrough. And yet another life it begins to take control of in the means of giving it a sure death.

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  1. I don’t get why people just jump off the cliff? Had have sex, just get ready with the bells you need for it. I don’t get why people take sex as kids’ play! Can’t risk like inviting AIDS. Lol!

  2. Awesome post in regards to HIV/AIDS. Many many men and women still don’t care if it’s real. It’s a real killer thing causing heck lot of deaths globally.

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